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Professional Staff
ALL staff were friendly, helpful and compassionate. I realize if they get backed up with people waiting my experience might have been different, but for me, at that time, on that day, my experience was outstanding. I felt completely cared for by a professional staff.
, Chicago Jun 23, 1984

Superb Treatment Center
I am very lucky to have gotten the services of this facility in dealing with my problem with cocaine. Today, I am happily living with my children and with complete freedom against drugs.
, Canada Aug 21, 1988

Avoid Relapsing Treatment
The treatment is expertly given and customized for each patient. Their treatment does not only treat the patient's addiction –it also helps them avoid relapsing. Their medical assistance is also great.
, Toronto Apr 17, 1985

Rehab Changed My Life
I have worked with a friend for over two years now who went here for addiction treatment and He hasn't relapsed or even shown any signs of addiction. Their drug rehab program must work!
, Los Angeles Sep 13, 1987

Very Grateful at Rehabilitation
Thank you Rehabilitation! Your counselors have done great in helping me and all the other patients recover. Your lessons have really taught me how to live a new clean and productive life. You have changed my life forever.
, Mexico Jan 29, 1990

Alcoholic Rehabilitation is rated 5/5 based on 5 reviews.